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This site was created before my trip in June 2014  but all texts were in French ..It has been now translated but I had remove all comments wrote by people  that were following my trip ….I lost few informations and now I’ll add some . Also lot of pictures are missing..they will be added step step .. It is taking time 😉

This is the hierarchy of this web site if you are looking for something …Each title have also a page with some info ..




Some words, pictures about the pilot … a little history and some personal information (this blog is public) … Delicate transition … What to put in ? … Some friends will read it, no worries they already know loads (some even advised me to write a book)… Some people in my professional circle might be… surprised :))… As for the anonymous visitor… no worries…

Finally I said to myself “Sick and tired to always overlook some experience that, after all, are an integrate part of my life… so why not ?… ; ) ..

Despite the fact that when I was a kid, posters of Giacomo Agostini carpeted all sides of my room with those of Dragster and other gears, that I was already going to motorcycle exhibitions, that I thought that I would obtain my motorcycle license after leaving the Foreign Legion, I have finally took it in … .2005 … for a lot of good reasons. I discovered off-road riding rather late too… funnier than on the road finally ^ _ ^

I started with a Honda Varadero 125 when I settled down in France… In search of an apartment in the Paris region I quickly realized the limited capacity of this machine during motorway journeys or during the length of a day. As a result, I thought a 600 would better and finally…

– From 600cm3 to 1000 cm3 for engine torque and comfort

– From 1000 cm3 to 1200 cm3 for more torque and comfort

– From 1200 cm3 to 990 cm3 … for even more fun

  • Now with the KTM 990 adv and the KTM 690

Born in Kalashnikov city (hence Marseille) in 1966 … in a rather small family (we were 2 … ^ _ ^) but quite diversified. I grew up in the middle of banditry, the true one… American bars, police raids at home, hostess /escort girls who were my nannies at week-ends and hooker during the week, guns stashed in my toy chests, prisons stories… On the whole, a little out of norm… but with hindsight I laugh about it.

A fairly quiet youth… a little agitation once in a while. Classified at the bottom of my CM2 class, the teacher, at the time Mr Cristofari (also School Director), said to my mother … “Put your son in a learning center as quickly as possible. He will never do anything with his life “… Fired from a school a little later, four years with Christians Private school changed my behavior a bit … but I left atheist… and disgusted by religion. The opinion of people around me was pretty cut and for them, my destiny was rather mapped out… Given my family background and environment, it was like the monopoly game “you will not earn money and go straight to prison… eventually fate and a bit of character decided otherwise.





Joined the French Foreign Legion for 5 years in 1984, an important experience in my life. I did my classes in the 4th Foreign Regiment at Castelnaudary like everyone else, then was assigned to the 2nd Paratropers Regiment (2nd REP ) in Calvi for 2 years in the mountain division. I stayed in the Central African Republic for 4 months and then at Djibouti for 4 other months. Then I left the paratroopers for the 3rd Guyana Infantry Regiment (3REI). I became Corporal and went on a 21 days mission called ” missions profondes” .

Starting not far from the village of Regina to reach the village of Saul, by walking : I’ll let you look at the route on a map

02-07-2015 12-02-19http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61BrIjDWUPL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

I spent most of my time in Regina as Commando Instructor in the Equatorial Forest Training Center (CEFE) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centre_d%27entra%C3%AEnement_%C3%A0_la_for%C3%AAt_%C3%A9quatoriale  We taught and trained the called and enlisted soldiers of the French army and foreign military bodies ( Navy Seals, Canadian commando, US special forces) to life, survival and fight in the forest. My best contract.

After finishing my contract with the 2nd Infantry Regiment in Nîmes, I didn’t enlist again for personal reasons and a desire for freedom.

I used my training in my work throughout the world, and I constantly underwent to learn in various fields throughout my life. Enough to prove Mr Cristofari very wrong.

I am now Manager in an important oilfield Services Company where I work in HSE and Facility services. My work used to make me live a rather risky life. However, my current professional activity is paradoxically opposed to my private activities . In my everyday life, I have to make people work with zero risk and take all the necessary measures to avoid an accident.

My trips

The wanderlust has come over the years. I started for professional reasons with the army and then with the different companies I worked for. Little by little I learned to reconcile business with leisure in paradise countries rich, poor, some pleasant places to live from the quietest to the more agitated (I have experienced a coup but a rather quiet one)… some countries with terrorist attacks and kidnappings… some coconuts and water nymphs, blue sea or brown from pollution… I have seen a little bit of everything.

My trips taught me a lot… At 18 I had rather strong views so I can say that yes, travel shapes youth.

I don’t have any particular hobbies… Ever curious, I am interested in all subjects… I am fan of no one famous and I don’t find myself in any kind of celebrity, character, actor, singer, player or… football club… :))

I can read almost any writer… It all depends on my mood. I am thinking of taking one or two books for this trip.

I do not visit a country for its tourist side… I find it boring and only do the bare minimum on that aspect. The life of peoples, the landscapes, the traditions… this is what interests me.

 Accidents… and not just with my O_O :
Ouch! On the right… and then on the left… more serious and not the same way… Trip to Leroy Pinpin 5Aka Leroy Merlin )  for deals on screws and various methods of fixing ^_^ 

This plate has been removed in April 2013… I still have a small piece of screw. Not too much pain… We will see during the trip.

A little bit more than a dozen of fractures due to the motorbike or just stupidly. I fractured both shoulders, which could pose long-term problem for the ride. I will have to make do with it.Tiny Shrapnel of detonator in the left calf… memory of a contract with the former SOFREMI (French Society of Export of the Ministry of Interior) … In 2014 they still make me suffer…



I have been very lucky… I came back and in one piece… Some didn’t… Shitty contract …

Anecdote… After the end of my contract, I sent them a letter about my accident… As the answer came, it was fun to hold in one hand the following mail from the company: “Sir you have never worked for us” and in the other, a letter from the Ministry of Interior for an emergency passport (at the time granted in 15 min ) and proving I was employed on a major contract for them… Bechir, Melchior, SOFREMI, SOTRADEX….Pfffff… Lots of stories had circulated… missing money… missing weapons in the desert… some that had returned by military  … Everyone had shut their mouth at the time … They made us believe in something else. A purpose… Finally it was every man for himself. There was nothing… or a little and only for a privileged few.

The positive side … I met some nice guys … lost touch with many … some have disappeared … and life has run its course…

Image-2-744x1024 Image-3-744x1024 Image-744x1024

Needless to say that when you are qualified in the following areas: CTE 00 Core Fighting Capacities, military paratroopers, Commando Instructor in French Guyana at the CEFE  ( Training Center in the Equatorial Forest . I am in the part of the first group of instructors as I participated in its construction at Regina, sharpshooter license (I had beaten my instructor at shooting during the course  ^_^ ), training with the 20th Special Forces in Porto Rico, military nurse, BAM (military mountaineering license), River combat, anti-tank weapon certificate , supervision and assistance to crossings for armoured vehicles, EOD level 1 …..  etc etc..

That you are never classified further than the 4th and very often the 1st and that you are part of the good community… It attracts and interests people with a particular profile^working often in the dark side of something …^_^

I have met few in my life. Again I made choices… Some gave me some good advices,  like avoiding certain type of contracts, like “Homo contract ” means kill someone as they said after the job you will be the next one  … Others offered me some funny strange contracts … Although, when you understand that for those people you are just a worthless pawn on a chessboard, choices are sometimes fast … Hummm… Interesting, thanks  but… No

 My favorite quotes
  • Iactura paucorum serva multos… The sacrifice of a few for the benefits of many.
  • You must be wise to understand that you have lost and wise enough to admit it.
  • Winning without danger is winning without glory.
They wrote about me…
  • Manatee;: ” I wouldn’t picture you on holiday in a very commercial place and without your beloved motorbike. “.. She gave me a nickname with an affectionate connotation for her… Orso   : ) ) )
  • Bug’s killer   :  You are “an educated barbarian” : ) ) ) which is rather true… I can be satisfied by the bare minimum… be a little rough around the edges… or have a more sophisticated epicurean side and enjoy the finer things in life.
Pauline, my little mascot ..She is originally from French Vosges…

She is my mascot and will do the trip with me… She has already done a lot of kilometers as passenger… some parachute jump too. Pauline is the one who makes people laughing when she seats at the back of my bike, that intrigues, engage the conversation, relax the atmosphere.


Bike fun : GS Trophy 2012… Or how to ruin your 1200 GS…



 Training at the BMW Hechlingen Enduro Park…with my last 12000 GS

IMG_0526-1024x768 IMG_0560-1024x768 IMG_0541-1024x768 IMG_0545-1024x768

A little autogyro trip as passenger…


 I always liked cats but I have never had my own. They have often been part of my environment though…

chat File0033-1024x689







Holiday fun… Renting of a Tryke… It was Epic!..engine break down couple of time….fuel consumption was aouchh ( VW engine modified)  ..but I have a lot of fun


Various outfits …Motorbike is not the only thing in life…Aslo other countries, other cultures ^_^….some countries where people are not always welcoming…


corsaire1773-5-1024x692  harnais-1024x773


 Below, I have known some and have a lot of respect for them. I don’t think you can do better anywhere on the market…or the UK SAS




My travels



Boston,  Dallas  ,Houston , Laredo,  Maine,  Manhattan Island    Massachusetts  ,Miami  , New Hampshire  , New Orleans  ,New York State ,   Tulsa , state of Indiana


French Guyana


Netherlands, Spain, Montenegro ,Denmark , Ireland , Switzerland, Germany, UK , Italy, Lithuania ,Latvia, Hungary , Bosnia Herzegovina  ,Slovenia  ,Norway  ,Sweden  , Austria , Croatia ,Turkey, Spain


Algeria, Angola, Republic Center Africa ( RCA), Djibouti, Libya, Mauritania, Republic of Congo


Russia ,Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore, Japan,


Antigua and Barbuda    ,Aruba  ,Barbados    ,Dominica   Grenada, Saint Barthelemy, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Virgin Gorda


Australia, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu


United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq


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