The Happy Family

So I felt on the bridge as I hesitated to pass…The gap and the weight of the motorbike make me hesitating and  opssssssss … but no pain no damage..

I was thinking to put the bike back …start to remove my stuff and then they arrived …

On the over side of the bridge, there was 3 cars. They were all speaking Russian although the youngest had learnt English at school. They helped me picking up the bike and asked what the hell I was doing in this mess. I explained where I wanted to go. They were going the same way so I got invited to follow and bivouac with them. Why not?

The first this I learned with them was the distance evaluation …We are in Russia and everything is far away sometime …When they told me that their camp was just there ….for me it was not far….and finally it was at 100 kms   lol ….which is not very far at all for them

I stayed with them 5 days. Never in my life had I been welcomed so warmly. Meals, walks, bivouac, birthday, football, visits… I was invited to share everything with them. I even had to insist to pay my part of the food or shopping . They were simple, friendly, fun and I spent a really great time with them.

I also learned with them that Russia had a lot of tradition..Everytime they were proposing me something they were saying … “Jeff , you have to do that ..this is Russian Tradition lol” ….and I had a lot of fun ..

I celebrated a birthday… walked in the country side ( they gave me some shoes ) , been invited at the Bania , winch is the Russian sauna..All along the road people were selling some tree branches and I was wondering why ..they are used during the Bania ( )….

You can find a Bania even in the camping ..

After that their return to Novosibirsk I stayed a few days to go to the south of the lake Teleskoi through my so-called path. 190 km. I did the last 70 km in just 3 hours overtaking cars, even 4×4. The chain and luggage rack of my bike got damaged and the steering damper was so hot I could not touch it. Whatever, it was fantastic!

On my way back, a small tornado came up to me as I was on my bivouac at night. The trees were breaking. The tents and cars were flying off. A few days before I had already endured strong hail. This morning I had gone through a 1700 metres mountain pass at below freezing temperature. I got drenched by heavy rain all the way back…I felt exhausted

Here I am back in Novosibirsk to visit the happy family, wash up, clean my clothes and decide… either I go to Baikal or I head up towards Moscow


The Happy Family in details

Galina ..La Mamma   …The Chief :)).. She is organizing everything ….deciding for dinner , lunch ..;camping….

She is managing the all group like and she remind me a famous cartoon person..Chief of a tribe and a village very famous in France ….. Bonemine



Anatole…The master mind ….He has a very good knowledge about the plant, the nature in the Altai .He is making his own honey in Novosibirsk and I have a bottle at home .

I regret that I  was not speaking Russia to understand his knowledge .I can compare Anatole to Panoramix



Alexey (Kirill’s father)




Galina (Pavel’s mother)










Grisha..that making very huge sandwiches





I think the best time I had ….Bania.. Beer and Vodka ….hot and cold….


P1010162P1010229  P1010205P1010227 P1010187  P1010165 P1010164  P1010160

















Meeting with flock of Yacks …seems they have not a very good mood /character

P1010874 P1010873 P1010871 P1010870 P1010869

After the storm in the morning

P1010854 P1010853 P1010852 P1010851

Dinner and washing place et the camping

P1010850 P1010849

Luggage support broken…Trying to fix it but I’ll have to stop and request a welding

P1010846 P1010845 P1010842 P1010841P1010819

On the road of Teleskoi Lake

01-08-2015 17-53-36

P1010714 P1010713 P1010712 P1010710 P1010704 P1010699 P1010698 P1010697 P1010694 P1010693

P1010837  P1010625P1010813 P1010683

Lost bra on the road in the middle of nowhere :))



Crazy group of Russian . They planned to cross the lake on their raft …

P1010780 P1010777 P1010775 P1010772 P1010768 P1010765 P1010753 P1010752

Meeting with a group of Kaz poeple in vacation at the Teleskoye lake..they all wanted to be on the bike and had a picture

Get my bike stuck in the sand  also a 4X4 was stuck when I arrived … it was raining so much..

Good breakfast in the morning …

P1010784P1010723P1010718P1010722P1010720P1010788P1010736 P1010734 P1010733 P1010730  P1010727

Aktach Village  This Grand Ma was counting with an  abacus  and she was using the calculator for showing the total you owned .she was really sweet ..and I have been very welcome there as a stranger/traveller

P1010472 P1010471


Trekking in the mountains …. invited by the Happy Family












P1010526P1010522 P1010620P1010621 P1010616 P1010614 P1010612 P1010602 P1010600P1010505

P1010584 P1010581 P1010566 P1010565


The dog of Galina .. I will gave him the nickname of Rosbeef……. that will make laughing Galina


In Russia you can camp almost everywhere

P1010407 P1010405 P1010404 P1010401 P1010393 P1010385 P1010375 P1010373 P1010371 P1010370 P1010363 P1010362 P1010348 P1010347 P1010336 P1010334 P1010328 P1010316 P1010315P1010454P1010464P1010468P1010463P1010461P1010460P1010459  P1010444P1010440  P1010420P1010415P1010450

Meeting other bilker in the Altai with Victory bike

P1010312 P1010302 P1010294 P1010289

Beautiful place

P1010283 P1010281 P1010254 P1010251 P1010248

Archaeology visit

P1010247 P1010246 P1010245 P1010244 P1010243

Marijuana in the altai ….a lot in many places



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