In the Altai mountains

Fish Pilot in the ALTAI…as I am following people

Back from a little trip in the Altai region. Telling all I have experienced would be too long so here is a sum up.

On Saturday 19 morning my bike was ready and I left with it towards these beautiful mountains.

Unfortunately  my crazy GPS again showed me some strange road…. going in the middle of fields.. no black top …I had to turn back as I was arrived I don’t know where ..

Finally I found the way out after a cops gave me some indications

First stop for lunch break. Guess who I was bumping into ? The girl in Africa Twins , called Olesya with her friend Darya. After they meet some friends in Novosibirsk , she decided to do a trip in the Altai with her best friend from Vladivostok .

At this restaurant it was also a lunch for a wedding and I had to take pictures with the Bride and all bridesmaids…big laughs

They were now  going to the Krai of Altai , which is the Altai District  , while her husband was on his way to Vladivostok. We had lunch together and she explained her itinerary. As it was compatible with mine and  she offered to ride together. Her riding was quite impressive, especially with someone a pilon. In the evening we arrived at a village on the edge of Lake Teleska. They had a plan for sleeping in a nice chalet for cheap and I was invited to join. Then quad outing with some of their friends , a lot of fun! I t was my first time in quad. Olesya is a bit of a tomboy, playing it out like in the French song from Brigitte Bardot  «I don’t need nobody with my Harley Davidson » . She does mechanics, repaired the shower for us in the villa and regrets that her daughter isn’t like her.

Darya is very different. Cut girl,  she is photographer. We spent a very good evening in the Russian style… beer, red wine ..headache in the morning and so relaxing



Blond girl met at the bar ..she asked a picture and was wonderinf if I wanted to stay with my two friends …lol…. was tempted but ..I preferred to stay with my friends even if we were only friends .  I also discovered a fast way for having 2 L of beers in a plastic bottle in the bar  …



P1000927    DSC00933(1) DSC00929 DSC00928 DSC00927 DSC00942 DSC00940 DSC00937 DSC00934

The next day they left to the North and me to the South. I wanted to go to join the south of the lake. They told me that the road was really difficult and dangerous . They also advised me to find a second bike . I decided to take it even though the girls had advised I should go with another biker.

On my way, I made myself a little bivouac by the river. On arrival at Aktach , I went for a lunch break in the village. This is where I met Paul with his 650 KTM (yes it exists!) He was British by origins but had been living in Las Vegas for a long time. Paul used to make motorbikes but after selling everything, he had been going around the world  for the last 3 years. Here he was coming from Mongolia where he had been partying with some Russian bikers during a gathering…  He was heading to Europe to embark his bike at Anvers towards South America…You can follow Paul here:


We stop and had lunch together..He gave me some good advises , was laughing with my luggages , took some pictures .

Back on the road, I was searching for my path to the south of Teleskoi Lake .  I looked on my map and GPS and all the paths I found were wrong …

When bivouac time came, I got myself into trouble crossing a tricky bridge… KTM on the ground… and this how I met a nice group of Russians people .

P1010003 P1010001 P1000999 P1000998 P1000997 P1000985P1000982P1010051P1060228P1010053P1010052P1010822P1010829P1010827P1010826




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