From Novosibirsk to Abakan

From Novosibirsk to Abakan

Back from the Altai . Stopping over in Novosibirk at my Russian friends’ (the happy family). To thank them for their kindness, I wanted to take them for a meal but here again I was invited to a family BBQ, a trip around the area, the Datcha and a honey bee breeding. I set off with 2 packs of local chocolate and a bottle of homemade honey. They are fantastic! They even offered that I left the hotel to put me up. A tad embarrassing.

I took the time to get my luggage rack fixed and replace the chain that was dying. It would have held 30 000 km of bad treatment. My rear tire was in bad state too but I had left my new one in Omsk (650 km from Novo) I then decided to head down to Abakan and the Mongolia frontier.

My only problem have been …..5 days of non-stopping rain!!!! Bloody hell …. I kept riding on the downpour, set the bivouac up and down… but it didn’t seem to ease off. On my way, I got invited for tea, to pose for photos, gave out my email address and a cafe waitress even brought me a drink^^ There are always good surprises waiting for you on the way.

I arrived in Abakan late yesterday, tired by the road. There was a lot of trucks here emitting excessive black smoke, splashing puddles of rain onto me and going around with their threatening load in the open.

Abakan is a big city but devoid of interest. Checking in at the hotel, panic… The receptionist was asking for a form nobody had told me about 🙁  . A sort of registering paper no hotel had ever claimed for. After calls and calls, I finally gave her all the receipts of my previous hotels. She copied them and reluctantly accepted to check me in. I am really not lucky with bureaucracy!

It rained all night long and the day after… This didn’t motivate me to have a ride on the mountains, a return journey of 500km according to my roadbook…

The 3rd day I decided to head to Moscow, Lithuania then go home. I still had 5300 km before the end. Seeing the state of the Russian roads, I thought it would take me about 10 days including the stop to change my tire and my eccentric GPS that I didn’t trust any more.

Going back now I would have time for a few days at Panda’s home in Lithuania.

During my trip I would have taken photos with a wide array of people – strangers at restaurants or gas stations, married couples, future married couples, bikers etc…



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