End of the Trip

End of the road

I passed through Tuymen, went up to Kazan and found a hotel downtown… I met a biker working in a local KTM shop that I tried to find the day after but to no avail.

I left Kazan early in the morning and got a flat tire 50 km later. I stopped on the side of the road to fix it. Taking off the rear weight, the bike fell off on the front. The central kickstand folded up. It looked like a wounded animal with bent front legs. It ended up lying on the side supported by the gas container. One of the brake pads got out and warped. I had a hard time taking out the firing pin and I straighten up with a hammer. I tried, felt a brake… I had to change the inner tube but I squeezed the new one and pierced it. Gutted!! Second and last tube. I put it on and blew it up.

Now I could put the beast back on its feet. The motor was very heavy and I tried to lift it up several times but no result. I asked for help raising my hand. The first car that came up stopped… I explained to the guy how to proceed. He looked strong so I was confident. 10 min later the bike was on its feet. The guys called out for his son, took some photos and gave me 5 pair of gloves so I no longer got my hands dirty. I was laughing out loud. As I set off again, I had lost nearly 3 hours.

So this is when you are going to say: “where are the photos?!” There is none as I had lost a lot of time and had other priorities…

Lunch break. The Police was there and helped me to order.

Second stop to fix the inner tubes in a truck centre. As usual, the owner asked me a few questions and said I was crazy to do this trip on my own. He made me laugh and refused that I paid despite of my insistence.

I came across Moscow through the ring road and took the left side once following other bikers and another time thanks to the Police that made the way for me. It was small, tricky and one of the biker ended up having an accident. I rode 1200 km in one shot, slept in the open and back on the road early in the morning the day after.

At the border, hundreds of trucks were waiting. The line was as long as 5km, maybe more.

The Russian custom was easy to cross, the Latvian took 3 hours… I met Finish guys who were back from a failed trip to Kaz due to mechanical problems.

Arrived in Vilnius…so it is finished…Happy and also disappointed.but will do again a new trip


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