18500 Km later..the good / bad.. few advises

18 500 km later… A few information

So it is finished. Back at home. The bike is in a box and soon should be home too.

A good steak, a nice haircut, a shave at a barber just for fun

My dilemma on this kind of trip… riding a trail enduro and push it to the limit (my level permitting) while making the bike last… A full service to do… a quick paint touch-up…

I think that in the coming weeks I will do the following

  • Reduce post size and introduce more details
  • Translate one page in Russian and some others in English
  • Make a page with most of my small size photos. I took about 2000…
  • Post a video ( compilation )
  • Information on the equipment I used


A few numbers…

  • 18 500 Km
  • About 95 gas fill-up
  • A little more of 1400 L of gas … About 900 / 1000 euros
  • Just 1 flat tire
  • 1 chain kit changed
  • 1 set of Heidenau Scout K60 tires worn out…. some heavy cuts
  • All my brake discs are moving
  • Back plates to be replaced
  • A few pair of glasses lost… also one necklace
  • No mechanical problem
  • No severe fall

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