BMW really Sucks

Reliability and quality of BMW……


Here are reported the comments of the new owners of 1200 GS LC (copy/ pasted from a forum) And some other complaints… like the immobilization of RT. Although technically BMW bikes are good, I believe that BMW does not live up to its reputation and that deserves to be said … all of this (and something else) got me banished from the FR GS forum :))) …..

I think that every bike brand has its baggage (currently KTM 1190 has trouble too) but few brand have the reputation of BMW… their prices… their arrogance … etc. I believe that I paid my GS the same price as everyone else (maybe more because I only had a 50% discount on the ABS instead of FREE), so I am expecting the same level of quality

Some may say that I easily and freely attack BMW… Not wrong… But I would answer that it is a tit-for-tat at the end of the day 

It goes without saying that if I break down, BMW owners will laugh out loud. Fair game


MARCH 2015 :  BMW recalls over 300,000 bikes

Wheel flange on R and K series models may crack if brake disc bolts are over-tightened

BMW has issued a recall – or ‘technical campaign’ as bike makers prefer to call them – of R and K series models produced during a period spanning almost eight years.

The rear wheel flange may crack as result of brake disc bolts or wheel nuts being over-tightened, BMW says.

June 2014 : BMW prohibits owners of R 1200RT 2014 to ride

It is pretty rare to see such announcement coming from manufacturers but BMW prohibits owners of R1200RT to ride. Explanation. 

All owners of BMW R1200RT 2014 must have received a letter from BMW on Friday morning prohibiting them to ride. The Bavarian firm highlights a problem on models with a semi active suspension “Dynamic ESA.”

Although no casualties were recorded, more than 8,000 bikers are affected by this issue. Taking their motorcycle is then strongly discouraged since they take risks. Indeed, BMW fears a failure of the rear suspension of these models

Here is the latest survey with owners’ comments… (June 2014)



An owner: I have had it. GS LC 2013 12800 kms  with, in addition:

– Front bellows pierced in 2 places on the damper side (replaced in warranty)
– Gear case screws loose (replaced in warranty)
Only 2500 kms but already ticked 3 boxes
I so regret my K13

An owner: LC of March 2013 22500km: shimmy (never resolved), engine instability (never resolved), accelerator handle, left komodo and rear pads.

LC September 2013 30000 km: water pump, LED headlight internal corrosion, horn bracket, slotted bubble and master cylinder + rear brake pads

Except for the brake pads and the never resolved issues, everything was covered under warranty so I am well-known at the concession

An owner: right komodo at 2800 Km on GSA/LC 2014 (circuit breaker control remains blocked)

An owner:

2x cracked fairings
1x replacement of the frame (part AV) for stops + hole in the frame
1x replacement of the gearbox (pour vibrations)
1x replacement of komodo (broken cruise)
1x replacement of front brake fluid cap
2x clip from the fairing attachment rod
1x replacement of the clutch rod

3x replacement of rear brake pads
1x replacement of the throttle

1x replacement of the meter cover (dew)

Placement of the gearbox circlips
The bike is from April 2013 and 27000 km


GsLC september 2013. 4500 kms , light condensation, Variation at low speed

Here we go… a positive  ^_^ : GS LC de July 2013, 6500km et 0 problem for me …

I love this bike although I understand the disappointment and even disillusionment of those who had the various issue identified on this forum…


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LC – Instability of the displayed water temperature TDB (addition of 17 September)

LC – Rattle noise in the gear box

After 1800 Km with my R1200 GS LC, here is the second really unpleasant problem (I’ll spare you the 1st!) When you close the throttle and it is at 0, there is a rattling sound in the gearbox between my feet, as a friction drive (to better understand) which causes fairly subtle but very present vibrations.
The noise reappears when you overshoot slowly and so on. What means 1 friction at engine shut-off then 1 friction at engine start-up, which quickly becomes unpleasant and VERY annoying!

LC – A little disappointed….15 years of Japanese and 15 years of Harley, never a problem. 3 months of BM and this morning my 1380 km LC won’t start… Not happy. I charged the battery this afternoon and this evening it was back on track.

LC – New front tire unsuitable for TT! Proof on the photo…

LC – Check your bike before you take it away from the concession

The other day I decided to get one or two of my latest LC accessories assembled (extra LED headlight, handlebar block, software updates…) and I took the opportunity to ask them to solve the problem of my badly screwed fairing on the left. But there was not just that: the handle was not tightened to the recommended torque, plus the handguards and weight after handlebars were assembled backwards. All done in concession, probably by a distracted or too busy mechanic. So be very careful of the assembly of these parts by the dealer before leaving any happier.

LC – A little expensive for all those problems…

I’m usually the first to forcefully defend LC and insist it’s a great bike but I must say sometimes my patience is tested to the limits. Spending € 20,000 to have problems with:

– The komodo

– The rear brake pads,

– The clutch and / or the box,

– The front wheels (or shimmy shake)

– The rear brake lever

– The water pump…

(and I may forget some), plus there are amateur welds everywhere, the rain splashes on my feet, legs and thighs, not to mention the unacceptable delivery delay of certain parts or accessories. It is starting to get a bit too much.


LC – Balancing problem

When I go straight with the cruise control engaged, the LC pulls on the left if I take away my 2 hands. Did someone noticed this unpleasant phenomenon? This may be due to the Flat Twin engine? I’ll talk to my dealer (that will look at me as if I was from planet Zorg once again)

I did the experience with a friend who has a 1200 Tiger and when he lets it go, the bike goes straight!! In addition, it makes him laugh!!!


LC – Worrying problem of frame geometry
Copy/paste from another forum
To make story short:

Since day 1, I point to the dealer that the bike pulls on the left when I remove hands. Then a classic, they try not to take responsibilities with amusing answers like:

“Do not remove hands, sir” or “You wrongly ride sideways” the tires, the drive shaft and blah blah blah…

After 1 million mails, they agree to get my bike checked by a technician who had just come from the importer in Bornem …

He finds that there is indeed a poorly made welding on the frame. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH !! So who was the storyteller who was riding sideways releasing hands? Finally, they recognize the facts.

First, they offer to replace the frame under warranty but it needs a total disassembly of the bike at the concession so I refuse (screws everywhere… yummy!) I had brought a new bike, I was not going to have a second hand in the end. I require a standard exchange, they refuse.
This story got to me so much that I was going to sell the bike!!
We finally found a compromise: replacement of the frame under warranty and at MY conditions … but I will tell more about it when it is done… with photos.


2013 BMW R1200GS Recalled in Canada for Potential Transmission Oil Leak

2 security recalls for BMW R 1200 GS 2013
Just out of the box and presented to the press, the BMW R 1200 GS 2013 must return to the concession to correct two problems.

Transmission oil pressure:
The transmission oil pressure of the gear box may get too high, resulting in a leak in the output shaft sealing ring. An oil leak directly in the front of the rear tire could result in a loss of traction and stability, potentially leading to a crash. BMW dealers have to install an oil restrictor to reduce the oil pressure at the transmission output.

ASC problem:

Automatic Stability Control (ASC) may not be reactivated after off-road use in “Enduro -Pro.” As the ASC warning light is not on, the driver may not be aware that the system is still disabled. This could cause an accident, causing property damage or personal injury. The mechanic will install an ASC software update.

Motorcycle News – BMW: Another alert about the new R1200GS

This time it’s a about a new batch of 33.

These 33 will have to be checked at the workshop to take care of the chip that manages the stability control called ASC by the Bavarians. This “Automatic Stability Control” has a weakness when the driver operates the Enduro-Pro mode… It will not engage. An absence that may be uncomfortable for the rider who expects some reaction from his steed against the ground. An electronic failure that may indeed cause a fall.

Local technicians will check the electronic system and fix it. An update is essential.

Read in “Moto-Journal”:

“Quite rare. Our comparative wholesale trails, which you can read in this issue on pages 14 and following, was prematurely interrupted by a BMW Germany injunction prohibiting us to drive the R1200 GS 2013 before an intervention on the fork is made. A technician, urgently sent to Munich from Marseille, city base of our test, came to strengthen the setting of the fork using a special tool” It’s called the precautionary principle. An assembling issue of the fork tubes on the new trail has been identified by the mark. Indeed, the fitting of the tubes must first be strengthened by setting- punching with a special tool.

Of course the tube were not being maintained through this single operation. To understand the problem, you must know that the Telelever fork tubes system was previously screwed into the upper bracket but, on changing provider for the Italian Marzocchi, BMW opted for a set – glued fitting that originated the problem.
A brand specialist explained that the default, which is due to a forgotten step in the “supplier process”, would only affect a limited number of machines produced up to a certain date, which was not communicated to us.

The intervention would last half an hour by bike and the necessary tool for this operation is said to have been provided to the dealers so that the R 1200 GS are brought into conformity and that there is no delay in delivery.

Contacted by Moto-Journal, the BMW France Communications Manager, Patrick Lucas, confirmed that there would be no delay in the delivery of the motorcycle and said there was “no product recall planned” on the motorcycles received by the French subsidiary.

If the star trail of the German brand will soon be at the open house days this weekend, they should not, however, be available for trial.

On the other hand, still on the GS, the ASC traction control should be reprogrammed due to an electronic bug on Enduro pro mode (mode enabled by the installation of a plug under the seat). Indeed, when the plug is connected, the ASC is completely disconnected in Enduro Pro mode while it should be partially.

Initially, the bikes should be delivered without the shunt, awaiting for an update to reprogram the unit. ”



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