My experience with BMW



I bought 2 BMW 1200 GS and my experience with BMW comes down to this:


1) German price….

2) Quality made-in-China….

3) Big joke customer service…


My second and last BMW 1200 GS  a 2012 triple black edition model .

Bike bought new in 2012, 1200 GS Triple black model (special edition). 15 000 Euros and below the list of extra parts which were assembled in concession. On the whole, the bike was worth something like 24 000 euros.

After 2 months of use, the seat was presenting two lacerations on each side. No accident tough… It was a tearing of the material.

After 4 months, in addition, I had two leaks to the distribution chain, a leak on the gimbals and a leak on an engine screw

I sent the photos of the seat to the motorcycle dealer who agreed that I should receive after sales service support.

A little after, call from the dealer. The After Sales Manager had denied my request. According to him, the only solution for me was to buy a new seat… worth about 140 euros… I refused..

I wrote a letter to the regional Manager. He replied that the case did not constitute grounds for a claim under guarantee for the following reason: “Intensive use of the machine” Ha ha ha … you must not use your bike at BMW

I got the seat appraised by a professional saddler who certified that the recovery of the seat was actually too tight

Then I contacted the customer service France and indicated all the problems with my GS… my declaration was dismissed.

I sent a letter from a consumer association… declaration dismissed

Called the France Costumer Service Director… Dismissed

Finally BMW France received an invitation letter to the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Montpellier because I would bring suit against BMW France. I wanted 100 euros for damages to cover the various costs and my time… Really not much…

The France Costumer Service Director called asking to withdraw the complaint and agreed to replace the seat (or give the problem to the dealer…) The 100 euros would be a credit to spend at BMW…  and for the last 8 months of shit… nothing else. Thanks and welcome to BMW  

The Dealership Manager called and once at the concession apologized, said it should not have gotten that far but his colleague had not told to him about the issue. The new seat was ordered and upon exchange, the dealer noted with me that the seat recovery was less tense on the new.

Le Manager also committed to double the amount of the financial credit granted by BMW (so 100 euros more) but finally did not keep his word when I tried to use it to buy a dorsal protection…

BMW… A rip off from beginning to end… Finally, I regret 2 things

1) I didn’t go to trial… I dropped it as fed up after 8 months of negotiation

2) I didn’t involve the concession in the complaint. They deserved it…

I sold my 1200 GS a little after at a bargain price… The buyer made a very very good deal…


List of additional equipment

  • ABS
  • Steel light guard
  • Gimbals guard
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • EMC GP4 R
  • EMC GP2 R
  • Beak-Extenda fender extender
  • Kickstand Side Stand Extension
  • G&D carbon radiator concealer
  • Steering damper
  • X heads cylinder protection
  • Black Wunderlich fly screen
  • Titanium Wunderlich foldable selector
  • Barkbuster handguard
  • Protèunderlich
  • Black Wunderlich high protection
  • Rear brake protection
  • Handlebar brake protection
  • Clutch protection
  • Carbon fiber rear hugger
  • Wunderlich TT footrest ( pivots pegs)
  • Exhaust valve protector
  • Carbon look T fork protector
  • Carbon look tank protector
  • Removal of catalytic converter  + exhaust pot Leo Vince
  • Top Sellerie tank cover
  • 2 butterfly guards
  • Off-road shoe + central stand protection
  • Aluminum suitcase carrier + Aluminium Touratruch suitcase
  • GSA luggage rack
  • GIVI top case support
  • Folding mirrors
  • BMW handlebar
  • KN filter
  • Mud guard
  • Low seat

IMG_0513-1024x768 IMG_0515-1024x768


My First 1200 GS BMW ….Bought in March 2008… Full options + Vario suitcases and top case


Sold with 85 000 km


With this bike I did the BMW GS Trophy France. Great experience. It was taken over by BMW .

What I have lived with this bike… some pleasure riding….some crisis because of the manufacturing quality.

I will not talk about the established world-renown abilities of the GS, a super well-balanced machine, nice to ride with a sharp trail mode.

The 1200 GS is a bike oversold by BMW for its Marketing adventurer side and off road abilities. Bringing a machine of more than 230 kg in off roads requires a certain mastery that is not in the (very) long list of the brand options… Many drivers buy it for that adventurous side but few GS see real stone and tracks (do not damage the beautiful machine) and even fewer actually see harder tracks…

On the other hand, the BMW quality is clearly lacking considering the price you pay. The arrogance of some dealers, however, is included in the sales price.

My disappointments with this bike

  • The day I left on vacation, it ended up on a tow truck at 2000 km due to EWS breakdown (Neiman key). I had to insist forcefully for the dealer to make it repaired on the day. He was asking for 3 days… although he had new machines in the concession … Welcome to the Premium Service.
  • Later, I found the Neiman hanging … The screws had left… I was in Montenegro and a mechanic helped me out with 2 screws…
  • I was called 5 times for some warranty services … some had been done during the services, some had forced me to bring the bike and go with a dealership motorcycle NOT Free ( loss of time + loss of money ). The funny part was to receive a return call in German by a dealer who didn’t know the story and didn’t have any translation means.
  • Shared the cost of changing the torque damper 50/50 with BMW after just 2.5 years
  • Changed the bearing seal 3 or 4 times including once while on vacation
  • Shock absorber dead at 50 000 km
  • Unreliable fuel gauge ( well-known problem for which BMW does nothing except to provide other gauges that are not much more reliable for some)
  • Plastic rear stone-guard broken with the tip of the screw remaining inside the bridge. Yahoooo… another well-known weak point… equipment that doesn’t resist off-road tracks and that quickly have to be disassembled
  • I lost count of the headlight bulbs burning out… great mystery among BMW people this replacement rate
  • I replaced the battery in the first year
  • Unintentional shut down of the heated grips, never explained by the dealer. I ended up finding an answer on the Internet ==>  If the motorcycle registers a too low battery charge when going off, it disconnects the heated grips … (to check whether true or false)
  • The cherry on the top: Reverse installation (wrong adjustment wheel) of my front EMC shock absorber by a BMW concession. Fortunately, I quickly noticed the problem at the front (on holidays once again). I called EMC which identified the problem and changed the damper for free (little visit to their factory in Lyon during my vacation). It is important to note that if the adjustment wheel had broken, the oil would have spread on the front wheel and I would have slid badly. I submitted an expense of my travel costs to the concession responsible for the assembly (one day of holiday, petrol, tolls and mileage costs) and they paid me back.


I was getting to know the « Deutsch Qualität »…… 🙁


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